Customer stories: How to open a security company in Germany.

Germany is a great country for living and working. Germany was chosen as the best country to live in 2016, but I also have to work and earn money. I decided to open my own security company. I was offered to work as security. The salary in the security sector depends on your qualification resp. on the license you have. Which means you get between 8,50 and 15 Euro per Hour. Usually I got 11 Euro per Hour.

As I said before, there are different kinds of licenses for security in Germany. There are two categories, one is the long-term education (about three years) and the other is a license which you get after a test, or by just visiting the course.

The paragraph 34a is needed if you want to begin with the work immediately. This is the minimum requirement.

The proficiency examination (Sachkundeprüfung) gives you the possibility to have jobs with more responsibility because your knowledge is higher. The jobs are paid better.

A main benefit of the proficiency examination is that you have the possibility to work as self-employed worker or open your own a security company.

The long term education is needed if you want to get an apprenticeship. It is highly regarded by security companies because you receive wide and deep knowledge in laws, management, security standards a.s.o.

The jobs are very well paid and in the most cases these are management jobs.

The long term educations are: education to approved protection and security force (Geprüfte Schutz und Sicherheitskraft), service force for protection and security (Servicekraft fur Schutz und Sicherheit), specialist for protection and safety (Fachkraft fur Schutz und Sicherheit) and as a master for protection and safety (Meister für Schutz und Sicherheit).

My aim was to open my own security company, so I decided to get a proficiency examination (Sachkundeprüfung).

The first step is the paragraph 34a.

For the proficiency examination it is not necessary to take part in this course. Also in the case I failed the exam, I would have the paragraph 34a to fall back on and could already work as security.

I signed in to the IHK paragraph 34a and proficiency examination which was one week after the end of the course.

The course Paragraph 34a was very interesting. You learn much about the laws which you can also use in the private life. Many real life examples showed the application of the knowledge.

The course is some kind of briefing about juridical regulations, which are the basis for every security. You learn, legislation and specialized duties and responsibilities and to make their practical application familiar.

This is a 40 hours course (1 academical hour is 45 minutes) and costs 425 Euro.

After the course everybody had to take a very short test about some themes which were bespoken in the course. Everybody got this and got the certificate for paragraph 34a.

After the successful end I could work as security in Germany.

You can also ask your employer to pay this course for you. Many companies, mine included are ready to pay for the employee. Do not be afraid to apply for a security job without paragraph 34a.

The next step to my own security company was the proficiency examination (Sachkundeprüfung). The examination consists of a written and an oral part. You can take a preparation course or just learn at home and go to the exam. This is of course a question of time and cost.

In my case the paragraph 34a course and one week learning at home was enough for the preparation.

As additional preparation to the exam I bought a book: "Die Sachkundeprufüng gemäß § 34a GewO - Kai Deliomini" and began to learn it at home and at work.

The exams treated these themes:

- Right of public law and order (Recht der öffentlichen Sicherheit und Ordnung )

- Commercial law (Gewerberecht)

- Specific security aspects of data protection (Bewachungsspezifische Aspekte des Datenschutzes)

- Civil Code (Burgerliches

Gesetzbuch)- Criminal and procedural law (Straf- und Verfahrensrecht)

- Handling weapons (Umgang mit Waffen)

- Accident prevention regulations (Unfallverhutungsvorschriften)

- Dealing with people, especially Behavior in dangerous situations and

De-escalation techniques in conflict situations (Umgang mit Menschen,

insbesondere Verhalten in Gefahrensituationen und Deeskalationstechniken

in Konfliktsituationen)

- Broad security technology (Grundzuge der Sicherheitstechnik)

I studied very intensive for one week prior to the exams. For me it was impossible to learn everything by heart so I stuck to the frame Course Content which you can also find on the homepage.

On the examination day I was very excited. The first part was multiple choice questions about the different fields. Passing the written test is required for admission to the oral exam.

It lasted two hours and I needed the complete time. After about one hour we got the test results. People who did not pass were sent home.

In the afternoon was the oral part, it took about 15 minutes. I was asked about different fields. The positive thing is, that the questions are within the framework program. So there were no surprises.

They told me, that the understanding of the basics and the context of the laws and practical part in the security business are more important for them than knowing every law by heart.

After the test was over, I was congratulated on the successful results, I reached 60 percent in written and 76 in oral part.  I had my proficiency examination!

The next step is the administrative part.

The next step after the proficiency examination is the license from Ordnungsamt (some kind of regulation authority for everything)

To get the license you need:

- proficiency examination

- certificate of good conduct this you can get at local Citizen Service Centre (Bürgeramt).

- sufficient resources ( In my case I needed to show, that I have 6000 Euro deposited on my bank account)

- Liability insurance ( I paid 520 Euro per Year for the insurance )

- 1500 Euro payment for the license.

A little hint from me, every city or town has its own price for the license. If you want to open a company, it is not necessary to get the license in Frankfurt. You can go to some little town near the big city and ask for the price of the license. You can save up to 50%.

After checking of the documents I received my license.

The next step is choosing the legal form of the company.

You have the possibility to work as entrepreneur (selbständiger) or open a company for example a mini-UG or GmbH.

Every kind of legal form has its own advantages and disadvantages. To choose the right legal form it is better to speak to a specialist. In most cases it is a tax consultant or consultant companies like Firm Fast.

I decided to open a UG (Mini GmbH). This is a low budget solution. I started with 300 Euro share capital and registered my own security company.

After an appointment at the notary and bank I could begin with the work as company. This meant, I could bill my customer for my work.

To get the money from the company I had to make a managing director contract and pay myself a monthly income.

As entrepreneur the contract and monthly accounting is not necessary.

From incoming payments from my customers I had to also pay for the office, accounting service and other items I needed for the job (phone, car, security clothes)

To get jobs and contracts I contacted the big companies on the market as Securitas, Kötter and so on to give me some orders. This is the best way to start.

During the time you are meeting new people, companies and your business Network is growing. If you show that you are trustworthy, you get more orders and can hire people.

You know: At first you work for your reputation, then the reputation works for you.