Ready-Made Company

Get "ready-made" company UG (limited liability)

If necessary, urgent organization of a legal entity in Germany, the usual procedure for registering companies and opening a bank account is not appropriate, as it takes time. In this situation, the purchase of ready-made company within one working day may be the solution to many pressing issues.
If you do not have a sufficient amount of time required for registration, we will offer to buy ready-made company in Germany.

Your benefits:

  • The company has a number in the Handelsregister.
  • Current account in Commerzbank.
  • Tax number in the Finanzamt.
  • VAT number (VAT / MwSt.).
  • Customs number (EORI).
  • The company can carry out its activities since the signing of the documents by the buyer on its acquisition.
  • In such a company is not necessary to re-introduce the authorized capital
  • Full transparency of tax reporting.


When buying a company at the request of the purchaser is subject to change:

  • Company name.
  • Kind of activity.
  • Organizational and legal form.
  • Legal and actual address.

The process of buying ready-made company in Germany takes - 1 business day.

The price is 3750 EUR.