Registration of Association

The registered association e.V.

is one of Germany's most common forms of association. There are over 600,000 registered clubs in this country. Almost without exception, these are so-called non-profit associations, ie which do not pursue economic purposes.
The legal form of the Association is elected regularly when:
a greater number of people (min. 7) to a non-commercial purpose closes together.

Advantages of e.V. are:

  • The Executive Board is ( the typical economic risks) protected from the risks of contractual liability.
  • The members are not liable for the association.
  • The e.V. is a legal entity; it may sue and be sued in its own name and be registered in the Landesregister
  • The association may or may not be a non-profit corporation.
  • It has a clearly defined form with legal regulations both internally and externally.
  • The e.V. is a fundamentally democratic form of organization with equal rights and duties for all members ("one man, one vote")
  • The establishment costs are relatively low.
  • There is no minimum capital required (such as with a GmbH)

The registered association e.V. is a unique form of organization. E-Mail us for more information.