We are a resourceful team that is committed to creating a solid foundation for the businesses we serve.
We work with business owners throughout their companies' life cycles, helping them overcome the obstacles for effective business compliance and encouraging their continued success.
Helping to start business is our passion. We believe in the power of private enterprise.


The Firm Fast uniqueness begins with the people who work here.
Simply put, we know what you're going through. Every day we help customers around Germany meet their most complex business challenges. Our employees always tend to your concerns as if they were their own.
We know that our success grows with your success, so we strive to fulfill your business needs with enthusiasm, speed, and absolute professionalism. We won't treat you like one of the masses. We'll listen to you and take your requests to heart. We want your business to thrive.
So whether you're an entrepreneur with the "next big thing" in mind, a growing firm looking to expand into other states, or a Main Street company looking for ways to make your job easier, you can depend on the business specialists at Firm Fast.
Explore our website. Email us. Call us. We'll always be here to give you the time and attention you deserve.


Firm Fast provides a range of services that are appropriate to every stage of the business life cycle.
We help companies incorporate and form limited liability companies (UG, GmbH, AG) and many other entity types. Our formation services are available in every EU state as well as Switzerland.
We serve as agent for many businesses, making sure that our customers always receive their legal and business-critical documents quickly and securely.
We help businesses apply for the right tax information, including VAT, Identification Numbers and, for nonprofit companies, e.V. status.
We help new entities draft and file their bylaws and operating agreements, reserve their unique company names, and register to do business in other countries.
We help companies meet their ongoing compliance requirements, including annual report preparation and filing and research to find out what business licenses are needed in the form of a Business License Compliance Package.


We are looking for an Office Assistant with a prior solid office background. Main purpose of the job is to assist management and support staff with daily operations at the office and to have the ability to develop a long term client base.