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Start your business in Germany
Firm Fast provides you the best services to start your business in Germany. Check our services and products and choose your optimal solution. Company foundation starting at 250 €. You can choose between different incorporation forms.


Purchase a ready-made company
Only five steps to start your business in Germany. Our Ready-Made companies have already completed the registration and are ready to begin business activity. The company has a bank account, Tax and VAT number. Contact our team for more information.

Virtual Office

Your address in Frankfurt am Main
Present your company in Germany, Frankfurt am Main, reduce your costs and increase your sales. German business address is nesseccary for foundation of the company in Germay. Firm Fast offers a short-term leases and the latest in technology solutions.


Partner with Firm Fast and join our network
The Firm Fast project helps many of businesses and companies all over the world. Many of these businesses are connected through our affiliate network. Become our partner and benefit from many advantages, get linked with other partners